PAWA Technology & Engineering, LLC

"Where innovation meets design"

What is PAWA?

PAWA is a technology and engineering company that currently centers around five key components that are Consultation, Mobile in addition to Web Development, as well as Mechanical and Architectural Engineering. Even though PAWA offers such a vast catalog of services to be contracted out, PAWA uses those same areas of expertise to help develop and innovative ideas that we feel will help shift the world of Technology.

PAWA has taken great pride in our values around innovation and superior design to provide our clients with nothing less than the most stellar products and services.

  • N. Victor Nwadike

    N. Victor Nwadike

    Pres. and CEO at PAWA Technology & Engineering, LLC

    "From the age of 15, Victor has had a ever growing passion for coding. That same passion drove him to become a published developer with chart topping mobile applications at the age of 18. After success with those mobile applications, at 19 Victor decided to start a business with a team of people who share that same passion that got him started on his journey."

  • Matthew Gaffney

    Matthew Gaffney

    COO and CFO at PAWA Technology & Engineering, LLC

    "As a 16 year old, Matthew’s love for entrepreneurship was birthed. At the age of 18 is when he first successfully launched his own company. Most venture into entrepreneurship for the monetary gains it presents, but Matthew’s love for it was much deeper that. He realized the responsibility all entrepreneurs have is to help improve and change lives. That realization led to him to perfect his skills revolving around personal development, web development, social media strategizing, marketing and management. This dedication and love turned into his ever-growing passion to help others."

  • Kevin Tolliver

    Kevin Tolliver

    CTO at PAWA Technology & Engineering, LLC

    "From a very young age Kevin was fascinated with the world of technology. He then realized how big of an asset technology is in this world and knew he could make a difference. Kevin’s journey began when he was only 13 years old and since then has gained huge amounts of experience in the realm of web development. He always knew he could make an impact in this world, and he does so by using his skills and passion to contribute to this team."

American Airlines Arena (Miami Heat)

PAWA was responsible for all of the Civil Engineering Design Development that took place at American Airlines Arena. Some of the services this development included were all water sanitary sewer systems, as well as all offsite storm water drainage and utility coordination.

University of Miami

PAWA provided Surveying services for the university's’ Convocation Center. The services provided included aerial photogrammetry, utility locations, easements & right of way determination.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools Systems

PAWA provided services for 3 Schools in the Miami-Dade area.

- PAWA did the full prototyping for Paul Bell Middle School which included complete engineering and architectural design for the whole building. The building was designed to capacitate 1,425 students, 104 staff members, 51 student areas as well as 152 parking spaces.

- PAWA was tasked with doing a full architectural and engineering renovation of Biscayne Elementary School. There were several methods of engineering that were used such as mechanical, electrical and structural.

- PAWA supplied mechanical, electrical and plumbing rehabilitation services to Henry Flagler Elementary School.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

PAWA provided Surveying services for the Department. The services provided included aerial photogrammetry, utility locations, easements and right of way determination.

- PAWA’s surveying and engineering services played a huge part in the Bill Baggs Park Wetland Migration Project in Key Biscayne.

Flop-Drop - Mobile Application

Flop-Drop was an arcade game. The objective of the game was to pop different color balls before they overflow. This game globally charted at #191 on iTunes most popular gaming chart.

Sway - Mobile Application

Sway was an arcade game where you had to try to stay on path with your character without falling off. You could maneuver the character by tilting the phone to the left and to the right. This app globally charted on iTunes most popular game charts at #293. This app was also featured on Channel 8 Knoxville, TN News.

Brain Insane - Mobile Application

Brain Insane was a strategy game, where the objective is to try to create a path for a ball to move through before a timer runs out all while collecting stars. This app globally ranked at #322 on iTunes most popular gaming charts.

Miami-Dade Aviation Department

PAWA offered both architectural and engineering services for several projects that took place at various Miami-Dade County Airports.

Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department

PAWA executed several of projects for the city’s Water and Sewer Department. These projects have ranged from various designing and engineering services to complex infiltration program improvements.

Miami-Dade Transit Agency

PAWA handled a total of 4 projects for the Transit Agency. Using Architectural and Engineering methods, PAWA performed 3 renovations at 3 different MetroRail Stations in Miami-Dade (Viscaya, Okeechobee, Gov’t Center).